Friday, February 28, 2014

Life is bliss


I love the word. I love the feeling I get when I say it, the way it rolls off my tongue. It’s simplicity, it's happiness, it’s understated.

It feels so whole to me, like things make sense. Like smiling for no reason at all, a squinty-eyed, wrinkles around your mouth kind of smile.

According to the dictionary, bliss is a noun, it’s a moment of perfect happiness.

But I am often not in perfect happiness when I feel blissful. I feel it most when despite the millions of little things I am worried about, there is a moment, a person, a consuming force, that makes me forget about anything bothersome. It’s perfect happiness despite the things that remain imperfect.

This morning I got up and had an ordinary morning. I made myself an extremely tall and extremely sweet cup of coffee. I went for a run, I got home and took a shower. Nothing but typical, mundane activities. While I was listening to music and getting ready for the day, I was thinking of the interviews I would write about next. I was thinking about the answers to the questions I had heard and all the positive responses, and I just became overwhelmed with joy. Consumed by a simple moment. Pure bliss.

There is so much good in the world and so many wonderful people. And there’s so much love, inspiration and things to discover. I was just thinking how with all these things, there is no time to dwell on being sad.

In honor of feeling so blissful, I’m sharing some highlights of my week in photos.

Playing dress up at Anthropologie

I’m obsessed with this store. I am not so obsessed with the price point of$50 for a tee shirt. So instead, I play dress up, and then say "nothing worked out right" and leave the perfect clothes on the rack and leave the store feeling like a five year old who just tore through her mom’s closet, trying everything on with sparkly heels. But in reality, I’m 19 and I think the employees are catching on... whoops.

Love letters from an 8 year old

I work at a daycare and some days are longer than others. This particular night, it was sooo slow and I was just waiting to go home. Noah made me the sweetest letters, delivering them to me after her crafted each one. It made my heart happy. Also, if an 8 year old can shamelessly hand me 6 love letters, why not a 20-something year old with a successful five year plan?

Park days

Outside is my favorite place to be. With the weather being in the 70s this last week, I took every opportunity to be at a park. I swear, people are happier outside. I don’t check my phone constantly, I don’t get stressed, and I just relax.


It's therapeutic, it helps me get out all my thoughts, and it's the reason this blog is here.
Happy Friday xoxo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Froyo, Sunshine, and Interviews

One of my favorite parts of this new blog is learning the different perspectives on life people have. It’s so incredibly interesting, and I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories.

Today while enjoying Josie’s Frozen Yogurt and the perfect Las Vegas sunny weather with two friends, I spotted a mom with two little girls playing by the splash pads. The little girls were so undeniably happy, giggling and talking like old friends, ice cream rings around the permanent smiles printed on their face. The mom was nurturing and so loving towards them, and I thought what a perfect chance at a Life Is This interview. So here is my first interview posted on the blog. A huge thank you to Illisa for allowing me to interview you and giving such honest and inspiring answers.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday.

What is life to you?

“Life is enjoying my family and helping others.”

How did you develop that philosophy? Was it a certain moment, or over time?

“I think over time. Being a stay at home mom, and walking around and seeing the older couples and the look in their eyes. It’s such a cliché, but people say enjoy every minute, kids get big so fast. And the girls are so funny. I was just texting my friend telling her the things her daughter was saying.”

“I also worked for a leukemia and lymphoma clinic for six years. And seeing all the families, it just makes you appreciate every day.”

“Do you think that has shaped the kind of mother you are?”

“No, I think I'm the mom I thought I would be.”

What are three things that make you happy?

My little girl’s smiles, when my cousin gets home at night and exercising, being outside.”

What is one thing, a saying or quote that you would want the world to know?

“My grandpa always used to say, “Even the darkest hour only has sixty minutes”.

I love that.

“Yeah, you can make it through anything.”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

being here...

It’s in the moments I can’t find the right words. The moments that are far too sweet, the memories I fondly look back at. It’s every time I wake up early enough to watch the sun stream through my window. It’s seeing family and friends, and seeing them be well. It’s the rise after the fall.

It’s life.

There are so many things I cherish about the journey. The older I get the more I appreciate the people that are on it with me. When I was little I used to think about what everyone needed. I remember being in crowded places and wondering what made all of us alike. On a blank page in my Winnie the Pooh journal, I wrote out what I knew people didn’t need. Not everyone needs money, I recalled the homeless woman that slept next to the electric box and still smiled as she walked. Not everyone needed a big family, I thought of my very single and very happy neighbor. Not everyone needs sugary treats, or perfect teeth, or a pretty face, or fancy vacations. I would look around and wonder what it was that tied everyone together. (I know, I was an insightful little girl.)

When I was sixteen, I was driving with my mom through Red Rock. She has these Road Trip cards, and we read off the questions and bounced answers back to each other. Little things like favorite movie, childhood pastime, and then there was a question, “If you had sixty seconds to share what life is with everyone in the world, what would you say?”

What would I say?

What would everyone say?

I realize now that there may be nothing we all need, but even though those needs won’t be the same, it is the fact that we are all here. In those crowded places, through suffering, through defeat, through triumphs and times of love what ties us all together is that we are together. Everyone has their story and their own journey, but there are so many people on the same path with us. And sometimes it’s hearing other’s stories and their advice that gets us through.

Regardless of who we are with, what we believe in, where we are, we are here. Life is This is about sharing what this journey means to you. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s life. And it’s something to celebrate.
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