Friday, February 21, 2014

Froyo, Sunshine, and Interviews

One of my favorite parts of this new blog is learning the different perspectives on life people have. It’s so incredibly interesting, and I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories.

Today while enjoying Josie’s Frozen Yogurt and the perfect Las Vegas sunny weather with two friends, I spotted a mom with two little girls playing by the splash pads. The little girls were so undeniably happy, giggling and talking like old friends, ice cream rings around the permanent smiles printed on their face. The mom was nurturing and so loving towards them, and I thought what a perfect chance at a Life Is This interview. So here is my first interview posted on the blog. A huge thank you to Illisa for allowing me to interview you and giving such honest and inspiring answers.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday.

What is life to you?

“Life is enjoying my family and helping others.”

How did you develop that philosophy? Was it a certain moment, or over time?

“I think over time. Being a stay at home mom, and walking around and seeing the older couples and the look in their eyes. It’s such a cliché, but people say enjoy every minute, kids get big so fast. And the girls are so funny. I was just texting my friend telling her the things her daughter was saying.”

“I also worked for a leukemia and lymphoma clinic for six years. And seeing all the families, it just makes you appreciate every day.”

“Do you think that has shaped the kind of mother you are?”

“No, I think I'm the mom I thought I would be.”

What are three things that make you happy?

My little girl’s smiles, when my cousin gets home at night and exercising, being outside.”

What is one thing, a saying or quote that you would want the world to know?

“My grandpa always used to say, “Even the darkest hour only has sixty minutes”.

I love that.

“Yeah, you can make it through anything.”

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