Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Beautiful Blue

There is a wonderful blog,, which I have currently fallen in love with. The blogger behind the wonderfulness is Emily and she does a post each Monday titled Grateful Heart Monday. I wholeheartedly believe being grateful for every small detail is the way to live, so this week I decided to join in by sharing how grateful I am for a big realization on my recent beach trip.

Now that spring break has ended, I am back in school and back in Las Vegas where the temperature is already climbing to the high 80s. I find myself missing Laguna Beach, the perfect 70 degree weather, and one special day in particular.

After hurrying to the beach and being welcomed by the sweet music of the waves, I stood at the shoreline and took a slow, deep breath. It had been my first time returning to Laguna Beach without my family, and as I stared out at the sparkling blue waters I realized that this ocean knows me. I’ve been coming to this exact beach since I was nine. It has heard me laugh and run with the waves, seen me lay for hours in its neighboring sand with my brothers and sister, and now it has seen me return a different woman than that nine year old girl. I have changed so much since my first visit, but I still share the quality of being absolutely captivated by the big blue treasure. That little girl never left.

As I look back at the beach trip, and my visit to the ocean, I realize I still cannot comprehend the vastness of the ocean. I can’t imagine everyone who has stood where I was standing, all the sunrises and sunsets that have taken place above the big blue water, and all the treasures that decorate its floor. I find myself smiling that in a world where everyone needs an answer, you simply can’t predict every wave, every tide, and the wash of emotions the beautiful blue can have on you. And no matter how old I get, I like to think I will always get to be that nine year old girl who marveled at the ocean. I like to think no matter where life takes me, or who I become, the ocean will always be there to humble me. I’m grateful for that. For the ocean, its humbling affect, its undeniable beauty, and the magic that happens each time I get to visit it.

Happy (Grateful Heart) Monday! I hope everyone is having a blessed day.

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