Friday, March 21, 2014

Laguna Lovin': this week in photos

I am blessed to have been able to go on such a wonderful vacation this past week in Laguna Beach, California with my two best friends. For anyone who hasn’t been there, it is a beach community right by Newport and it is incredibly beautiful. The streets are lined with little beach shops, art galleries, and people that are always smiling. We spent our days relaxing, shopping, trying to work up a tan on our outrageously pale skin, and really bonding as three best friends. I am so grateful to have Lizzie and Maddy in my life. Our days in Laguna were filled with laughing, smiling, and falling completely in love with the city. I believe at some point everyone needs a getaway. It was a chance for us to not think about school, work, or the time constraints of our day to day activities. We simply lived by the rise and set of the sun, only checking our watches when we knew it was time to eat (a must when all three of us LOVE yummy food.) Here are some pictures from the beautiful vacation and the things I fell in love with this week.

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