Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Broken Car Window Blues

A lesson in being upset for a day and being okay with it.

At first glance, I thought I had just parked over a space with tons of glass. My shift did start at 8 am and it was daylight savings meaning that for my body it was still seven, and for my mind, it was way too early to be working properly and actually notice the details of the parking space I had chosen. So when I finished my shift and walked out to my car at noon and saw all the glass I immediately just thought it was a broken beer bottle, remnants of someone's crazy night, shattered all over my parking space. It wasn’t even until I unlocked my driver’s side door that I realized my car had been broken into. Glass everywhere, my belongings shifted, and my backpack gone. I think at first I was more in shock. Obviously upset, but mainly I felt violated. Knowing my belongings had been taken by a stranger who probably did not know me, was a disturbing feeling. I tried so hard to be positive and look on the bright side. I wasn’t hurt, my purse wasn’t in the car, no money was taken, and it’s an easily fixable issue. I have amazing friends and family who went out of there way to help. I kept thinking “it’s not that bad, don’t get worked up over it” and then I realized there is absolutely nothing wrong with being upset over my car being broken into. There is nothing wrong with getting angry, or even just wanting to be alone for a bit and figure it all out. I think that is such a misconception when it comes to being a positive individual. People assume that positive people have no bad days and are never in a bad mood, but the truth is getting upset and angry are valid feelings, it’s what we do with those feelings that matters. Positive people get upset too, but it doesn’t control their life. In fact, it’s adds to a long list of experiences that makes us stronger people than we think we are.

I now know how to file a police report, I know someone who can fix broken windows for a very fair price, and I know to never, ever leave anything valuable in my car. I also know in times of sadness I can consume very large amounts of guava grapefruit sorbet, and that I also have some of the greatest human beings in my life that made today go by smoothly and filled it with love.

And to the person who stole my backpack, I hope you enjoy my theatre notes, my educational psychology book and my Eos lip balm. Also, there's a Clif bar in the front zipper, knock yourself out.

Happy Sunday xoxox

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  1. That’s true. That feeling of knowing someone broke your car window and stole your things is terrifying. Good thing you never left any valuables in your car. Somehow, this lessened your worries and stress. At the very least, you only had to worry about the repairs of your car, rather than track down and replace was was lost. Take care!

    Ross Adkins @ Bullseye Auto Glass


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