Monday, March 31, 2014

Who am I?

My thoughts on the infamous question and the reality of who I really am.

I think there are things that help mold us into who we are and I think there are moments in our lives where we can’t control how we are molded.

Like the moments where you love so deeply, and your heart changes before your mind can convince it otherwise.

Or the moments when you get hurt and the wounds are deep. It seems like no matter how hard you work to heal it, you have to feel a period of pain, followed by the irritating sting and then finally an everlasting scar.

There are also people that mold us. Because even though we get to write our own story, at some point we trust someone enough to lend them the pen, and suddenly they are stamped all over our pages.

Besides memories and people we meet along the way, who we are is also molded before we began this journey. We all begin as daughters and sons. And over time we become sisters and brothers, mothers and father, friends and lovers.

Who am I?

As I think of who I am, my soul, and the character of my spirit, I try to focus on a place that is just me. Before I was influenced by others, by passing trends, and media. Before anyone told me it was wrong to be one way or another.

Who are you really? When you leave behind judgments, opinions, and any influential factors? Who are you when you are completely yourself?

I am a believer.

In love. In human kindness. In laughter, smiles, and sweet words. I believe the glass is always half full. I believe my purpose is to love, lead, inspire, and create the beautiful world I have painted in my mind. I believe in living for something higher, bigger, and greater than me.

I’m an enthusiast.

Of music. Of books. Of art. And mostly of people wildly chasing their dreams.

I am strong.




I am all the words spilled across my torn notebook pages.

I am sometimes too curious, sometimes too emotional, and sometimes too naïve.

I am on a quest for lifelong happiness, and anything I learn along the way, I want to share with people.

I have a light that I want to illuminate even the darkest of corners.

I am me. Unapologetically, fearlessly, me. I may not know who I am going to be, but I know who I am right now. And what I also know: if I am honoring and being true to the girl that I am, it is impossible not to like her.

Who are you really?

Happy Monday xoxox

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