Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beauty is a State of Mind

Yesterday I was spending my night listening to new artists on YouTube (currently my absolute favorite thing to do). Typically I skip the ads between songs, having no interest in new car batteries, or high speed internet programs. But yesterday I must have been distracted and an ad began to play. It was presented by Dove, one of my all time favorite companies. I love what they stand for, I adore their products, and most of all, I support their message of embracing who we are, just the way we are. 

This advertisement was testing a beauty patch on young women who had some self esteem issues (who doesn’t?) They were asked to wear an “RB-X beauty patch” for two weeks. The product was intended to make them feel more beautiful and confident. After two weeks, the women came back. Everyone felt more confident and had a radiance about them. All the women were so happy to feel more proud of who they are and what they looked like. The psychologist behind the study, Ann Kearney-Cooke, said to the women, “would you like to know what’s in the patch?” All the girls flipped the patch over to read the ingredients. Seven, little black letters strung together spelt out: “Nothing.” Some women cried, some gasped with surprise, but all felt one thing: that a sense of beauty, confidence, and self worth was all possible without any fancy patch. It was inside them. The ending scene stated “Beauty is a state of mind.”

I watched the ad and thought about how many times a day I look in the mirror and search for a flaw: a blemish, a hair out of place, wrinkles in my outfit. I thought about the time I spend getting ready, the hours of my life I have wasted because, “I look too fat in this outfit”, “My hair sucks today.”, “My skin is awful”. I thought of the opportunities I may have passed up simply because I had decided I wasn’t worth it. I spent time focusing on flaws when I have so many other things going for me. Think of all the times you have told someone they’re outfit is great, or you love their hair. Think of the last time you looked in the mirror and complimented yourself. I know for me, it’s been a while.

Something I realized when I watched the ad, is I am irreplaceable. There will never be another Katie Visconti. Isn’t that something to celebrate? The person you are can never be duplicated. We are all authentic, uniquely made individuals. And there’s so much beauty in just that. The fact that every single one of us is different, even the prints on our fingers cannot be replicated. So why not love who you are just the way you are?

 Someone can tell you that you are gorgeous, smart, kind, and funny. They can say they love your crooked teeth, or the freckles on your nose. They can say they love your hair naturally, and that they don’t care if you don’t have an 8 pack. But if you don’t believe it, they are just empty words. If you don’t believe it, they can say it on repeat, and you will still feel the same.

We all have the capability to believe we are smart, beautiful, deserving, wonderful people. We all have the power to believe we are whatever we want to be. We just have to do it for ourselves. 

Love every part of who you are. Celebrate yourself. The women in the video believed so much in the beauty patch that they felt beautiful. The ingredients may have been nothing, but a simple state of mind we can all put ourselves in. Beauty is not long eyelashes, or flat stomachs, or curves, or clear skin. Beauty is how we decide to make ourselves feel: no patch needed.


Here's the link to the Dove ad if anyone wants to watch:

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