Saturday, April 26, 2014

home sweet (not yet mine but one day) home

Since I was little I have wanted a little cottage. I am not all about fancy mansions, with elevators, movie theaters, and pools in the shape of a dollar sign. I don’t know if that last one really exist, but I have seen some crazy things on MTV cribs.

I don’t really care if my future home has 18 bedrooms, and echoes when I call for my family to come down for dinner at our table that was imported from France.

What I really care about is who is inside my home, the energy and love that fills the air, and a sense of comfort when I walk in. I want my home to embody the phrase “ahhh”, a sweet getaway but my everyday life of ease and relaxation.

That being said, I would still like a huge backyard, with a small swimming pool, a garden that grows all the freshest veggies, a room for writing with a huge window facing my backyard, and a tree house with a tire swing. I feel like if I start planning now, and I have a husband who doesn’t mind quilts, throw pillows, and fresh flowers everywhere, things will definitely work out. Here is what Pinterest helped me come up with for my lovely future home. Everything can be found on my board, Home Sweet Home.

Happy Saturday! xoxox

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