Wednesday, May 7, 2014

grateful heart: art of writing

I can’t even express how grateful I have felt lately. And I can’t thank Emily at Ember Grey enough for dedicating a day to sharing what we are all grateful for.

This morning I was doing a phone interview for a future blog post and while on the phone I just had this rush of emotion take over me. I was interviewing the designer behind one of my favorite stores and I thought, " I am interviewing a designer/world traveler/super successful visionary behind my dream store. What???" Life is so incredibly good. I am so thankful  for everyone and this process, and also for the art of writing. 

Writing is the one thing that clears my mind completely; it is my celebration. My wish for writing is to live a life full of experiences, and then have the courage to gather the right words, true honest words, and share it. 

 My heart is filled with gratitude because I see that exact wish becoming a reality. I thank writing for giving my sacred thoughts a home, and showing me I could forever live comfortably there. 

Happy Monday! xoxox
a busy, notes-all-over-desk, writing day.

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