Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life Is with Kerry Cassill

There are places you travel that just feel like home. I think those are the best vacations spots: the ones that you feel like a piece of you belongs and remains there. It’s the places that are just an easy transition, from real life to getaway, no real thought or energy required.

I think that is why so many people go somewhere and try to find souvenirs. A tiny gift that can trigger all those magical feelings of the place you love.

For me, the place I love is Laguna Beach and the souvenir, is the store that resides right by the water, Lala.

Lala is like walking into a fairytale. It’s like it took all the magic of Laguna Beach and fit it between four beautifully decorated and enchanting walls.

Lala sells the softest Indian cotton. The products are clothes, accessories, beauty supplies, and bedding that makes you want to redecorate your entire living space. Seriously. It’s like the bedding of all bedding. My entire house will one day have Lala sheets, comforters, quilts, this daydream literally makes me giddy. And I will work from my bed because it’s just that beautiful.

pictures from my trip in March

This past March, I visited Laguna and went to Lala and fell in love with the store just how I had when I was 11 years old. Except this time, I left a business card and had a chance to interview the visionary and designer behind the store, Kerry Cassill. This is her Life Is interview.

How did Lala get its name?
“I was obsessed with this French writer, his pen name is Delacorta, he wrote all these books like Diva and nana and the font at the time was more scripty, and I thought Lala looked beachy but like a French novel.”

How did you discover your passion for design and fashion?

“I think as a little baby, I was the one that was like ‘oh, that’s really pretty’” Kerry laughs, “I think some people are just that person. I went to design school right out of high school. And then I became a milliner, and then after that it took a while, but I went to Paris. And if got really inspired by the Indian cottons. And then I was obsessed. A few years later, I found out how to contact the people printing the fabric I was looking at in France. And then I got over there and they made me some shirts I had designed and it all just started like that.”

What is life to you?

“That’s such a hard question. I guess, I have always just felt like I have been led. And so I just follow the next indicated thing that I am supposed to be doing. I have always had signs and I have always felt guided along the way. Like the first time I went to India, my side of the room was painted and the painting on the walls was the exact same as the tiles in my room in Seattle. It made me feel like, I am absolutely supposed to be here. It's just always kind of worked out that way. I feel strongly guided with my life. And the thing I wanted the most, most, most, was to have a baby, and I had my daughter in 2001. And it’s all just a crazy story.” Kerry pauses, “It’s much easier when you are not the one in charge of it all, planning out every step. I’m just guided.”

Are there any moments or memories that have shaped your beliefs and life?

“I worked for an artist that was a colorist, and that definitely influenced what I do now. But everything has just felt like how it is supposed to be... Spiritually, I Just feel taken care of.”

Three non-personal things that get you through the day:

“My favorite coffee, I am a bit of a TV addict, we are TV people, and I live by the beach. I have a 1973 convertible Volkswagen, it's amazing and fun. And you know I just feel blessed, I've got a pretty good life here.”

Three personal things that get you through the day:

“Being a mom, I like cooking, I don't want to say I like exercising, because I kind of don't.” Kerry begins laughing, “And Hanging out with friends.”

What is your mission statement?

“Honesty and love.”

What does the world need more of?

“Love!”, Kerry exclaims. “And people being considerate of others.”

What’s one things you would say to the whole world?

“Everything will work out in the end, and if it’s not working out. It’s not the end. I don't know where I heard that but I love it. Probably from the TV, knowing me.”

These photos are from Lala's Summer 1 collection. Thank you Jackie for sending me all the photos and thank you Jackie for sharing about her life. If you would like to shop this beautiful collection and many others, can help (:
This interview is also being featured today on my sweet friend Emily's blog, Ember Grey, so pop on over there and say hi as well!
 Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday! xoxox


  1. I have never been to Laguna Beach but I have heard it is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Lala looks like a shop I would love to shop in....the presentation of the merchandise is gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE Laguna Beach. My husband and I spent one afternoon and left with the desire to spend an entire week there. It is so cute.


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