Friday, May 16, 2014

Stay Curious

First off, I haven't posted something in nearly a week due to some difficulties from transferring my blog, getting a new template installed, and making sure everything was turning out right but it's finally all done! I have missed blogging so much, and I'm so happy to be making a new blogging home through Blogger. And now onto today's discoveries:

Today at work, I was getting easily frustrated. I travel to Bali in 10 days, finish finals this week, and I'm taking on a new writing project for the Las Vegas Sun. So basically, I was just not in the mood to be at the daycare today.

And then sweet Travis came up to me. "Miss Katie, do you know that spiders shoot webs out of their butt?"
"I didn't Travis, thanks for sharing."
"Miss Katie, why are there so many beetles, and why aren't they pink or yellow?"
"I don't know Travis, I think beetles are supposed to be boring colors so they blend in."
"Miss Katie, why does my mom shave her legs?"
"It's what grown up ladies do Travis, it's part of our routine."
"Miss Katie...", I could literally feel my eye roll coming on, but I stopped myself.
"Yes, Travis?"
"I love you."

Travis (heart eyes)

My heart melted, I took a deep breath, and asked if he had anymore questions or stories for me. He did of course, and I sat outside with him while the rest of the kids played soccer and searched for bugs, listening intently. Those three words are a powerful reminder of how much we mean to people. Even in our toughest times, even with stress and frustration, we are loved infinitely. As I listened to Travis -who has been on an airplane twice, has a cell phone but he can't make a call, loves fruit snacks especially the red ones, and has his own pair of cowboy boots at home- I was also reminded of the gift of staying curious. Of marveling at the tiniest of things, like the colors of beetles, and why aren't you allowed to sit on the wing of a plane? "What if they had seat belts?" Travis asked me.
At some point, we don't question as much, we don't remember little details, and we don't look at things and always wish to know more. But when we do, new doors open up, new opportunities arise, and new loves are discovered. There are remarkable things tucked away in places we never think to look and there are thousands of questions that could be easily answered, the only tool we need to uncover them is curiosity.

For writers and artists of any kind, I think the secret to not have a creativity burn out is to simply say curious. To keep asking questions, and write until you have an answer. I found 100 questions to ask yourself to spark curiosity and inspire your next artistic post. Click here for the link. (:

Happy Friday xoxox

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  1. Welcome back!!! You were missed! Love your new template...hope you like's been great for me and easy to navigate.

    Love the big lessons in life that are often taught to us by the "little" people. So sweet.


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