Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

I have filled my plate entirely too full lately, and in doing so my stress levels have been off the charts. Having so much stress is trapping and feels suffocating. I always ask a lot of myself, and when I can't do it all, I feel like I have failed.
I sometimes self-sabotage myself by putting all these tasks on my plate, and then thinking there is only one way to complete them all. I don't map out a plan b or c, thinking if I was successful and efficient plan a would have sufficed. But this week I got a cold, and ended up working more than predicted, so all my tasks shifted. With the shift, meant things didn't go as scheduled.
 "If you could do it right Katie, it would be done perfect the first time, no exceptions," is what the self-sabotaging little voice in my head tells me. We all hear those things once in a while, but we have to acknowledge it a merely a tiny distraction. This tiny voice grows and manifests into other things when we decide to listen to that voice, give it a stage, and follow what it is saying. When I am too hard on myself, I call upon my mom to remind me why I am loved.
So in my fragile state yesterday I dialed the familiar number and heard her sweet voice on the other end, I vented about my fast approaching trip, my writing deadlines, work, writing, friends, family, and this terrible cold I got this week, basically I broke down.
And my mom told me, "Katie, you are learning. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are going through all these things and if you learn one thing it will all be worth it." And then this morning she texted me wishing my "lots of love and clarity." Exactly what I needed on this Wednesday. My wish is to find a little piece of calm among the chaos, an abundance of love for myself and others, and clarity to see the big picture and not just the minor set backs.
Setting these intentions, and saying these wishes aloud already has made for a better day. Also, the half bag of white fudge pretzels I ate helped too.
 I am also wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! What do you do when you feel like you've got too much on your plate?

Stop by Anne's blog, Love the Here and Now, to read other Wednesday Wishes and join in on the fun.  

Lots of love xoxox


  1. Aren't moms (and white fudge pretzels) amazing? I'm so sorry you got sick; it's never fun but even worse when you already feel stressed and pressured. I hope that you feel better soon and that clarity and calmness find you. XXOOXXOO

    As always, thanks for linking up with me!

  2. Whenever I get stressed out, rare as it might be, I like to take a long drive. Driving has always been calming to me. When I was wee babe my mom would have to drive me around town until I fell asleep. It's helpful that because I need to focus on driving only so much extra thought can go into what is stressing me out. The best combo of stress relievers is a drive to a park with a swing. Swinging is the best leisure activity.


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