Friday, May 2, 2014

you know things are good

thoughts while on my morning run (more of a walk) today.

You know things are good when you forget to take the picture. Because even though the moment would have fit perfect in a 4x6 frame you didn’t need it.  You were living it, experiencing it, and you didn’t want to turn away for a second to grab the camera. The only lens you needed was your own eyes, and it certainly was enough. 

You know things are good when words fall short. When you try to write out the feeling but no combinations of letters is enough and punctuation only hinders the beautiful thoughts that wish to roam free. 

You know things are good when you hear music among your busy day, when you catch yourself humming along, sure that there is a song playing, in utter rhythm with your soul.

You know things are good when you don’t care that you didn’t get your laundry done or that the guy on the freeway has cut you off for the second time.

Things are good when you mouth is always turned upwards, and your cheeks hurt from smiling for so long but you don’t mind.

Things are good when for a minute you notice all the little things and the emotion swells over you, a sweet, curling tide of bliss. 

It’s euphoric.  It’s endless sunshine, belly laughter, sweetened tea, warm sheets, caring hugs, gentle kisses, 

it’s the belief that for a brief moment in time it all stops.

 Any uncertainty, doubt, any feeling of loss or pain. 

It stops long enough for you to catch your breath, slow your mind, and remind yourself that if you never experienced a brutal winter, you wouldn’t appreciate this enchanting summer. 

Happy Friday Everyone xoxox


  1. So I think when your blog got switched over that comments got deleted, so just in case you missed my recent one, I wanted to comment again and say how much I love your blog. Your writing is truly beautiful, no matter what you're writing about, and it so inspires me to let my creative bent that I think has become watered down a bit with the everyday-ness of writing a blog come back out in my writing. You've gained a huge new fan! =)

    1. Hi Kacie! Thank you for re-commenting, none of the comments transferred from my old blog. Thank you so much! That compliment means the world to me. Welcome to the blog! I hope you have a wonderful day (:

    2. By the way, I love your new blog design--seeing gold on people's blogs always makes me happy. =)

  2. You inspire me, Katie! I'm polluting your blog with comments haha I'm so sorry!


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