Monday, June 16, 2014

Ella Grace

I adore my job, watching kids grow and change, watching them stumble upon all of life' s beautiful little treasures; being a nanny is so rewarding. Besides writing, working with children is a huge passion of mine.

Two of my favorite kiddos to work with are Ella and Myles. Ella is the funniest, most inquisitive. most caring little 6 year old girl I know. She constantly makes me laugh and has me questioning the same curiosities she has.

Me, Ella, and Myles
Last night, Ella talked to me about makeup, boys, school, laws, bedtimes, everything. The girl has a question for every topic. Some people would have their patience run thin and want to hide out in the spare bedroom, (guarantee she would still ask questions through the door), but I let her thoughts run wild and I love being able to hear what she has to say. Mainly because, it is SO funny. Here is a recap of what Ella said as I watched her last night.

As Ella and I play school: "Katie, I know what color your bra is, well I kind of do, I can't really see the pattern on it... when can I wear a bra? I'm going to get a big, green one."

Ella while we play office: "So now we are like twin sisters, but I am running so late this morning, I just have my bra on at the office. But don't worry, I put my pants on. And I grabbed a coffee."

Ella while we play office (part 2): "Hey Katie, what would happen if I were pregnant, but I was 87 years old?"
Me: "Oh, Ella, I don't know if that would work, you may be too old to have a baby."
Ella: "I like, just had the baby. Her name is Katie."
*at this point I am laughing to the point of tears*
Ella: So, do I get like, a year off of work? Or should I bring my baby to daycare? Will it be free?
Me: "Yeah, we get free daycare through the office job. And you'll probably have lots of money anyways because you'll get famous for being on a show called '87 and Pregnant.'"
*this doesn't catch Ella's attention*
Ella; "Yeah, cause my husband is in jail..."

Getting ready for bed:
Ella: "I really hope you get tired and fall asleep here so I can wake up and see you in the morning."
*the cutest thing everrr*
Ella: "Can I brush you hair?...and I have some clips....and some mom never lets me do this to her hair.."
*picture for evidence of why her mom probably doesn't let her does this*

In bed:
Ella: "Can we read a book?"
I begin to read. Ella and her brother, Myles, start to fight.
Ella: "Katie, he's trying to fight me! He wants to fight right now."
*Ella is sneakily using her feet to kick her brother under the covers*
Ella: "Myles, I am being very good and want to hear the story that Miss Katie is reading, if you don't listen you are going to be in big trouble" she scoots up right to Myles's face, "You could go to jail."
Me: "Ella, that's not necessary. So (trying to switch topics) what are you two going to dream about tonight?"

When I started watching these kids a year ago, every time they told me what they would dream about, I would end it with "all good things" For example, for Myles the typical order is, "Cars, dragons, trucks, sharks... and then we would say "and all good things."

Ella; "I think I'm going to have a dream about Myles beating me up and then being 'expended' (expelled) and going to jail... and all good things."

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday! So grateful for these two kids, and the hilarious things Ella says. Stop by Emily's blog,, and share what you are grateful for today!
What are some funny things kids have said to you?

sweet Ella holding her "baby Katie"

Little Myles, that precious face melts me.


  1. oh. my. goodness. This is HILARIOUS!!! And SO sweet!!!! :) They are going to remember you for as long as they live ;)

  2. From the mouths of babes...! Too funny, I love the husband in jail remark...where do they come up with this stuff?? It's clear they adore you and vice versa. :)


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