Monday, July 28, 2014

19 Things I love about you: a list for my sister

For you, Lizzie, on your 19th birthday. Here are 19 things I just adore about you.
isn't she the cutest?!

1. How comfortable you are in your skin and how you always embrace your natural beauty.
2. Your contagious laugh and sense of humor.
3. For doing the dishes even though it's been my turn for 10 months now.
4. Your love for Grey's Anatomy and the fact you bought a biology book to learn more about the human body.
5. Your determination.
6. Your love for friends and family.
7. Your love for socks. Though I will never understand, I'm happy you're feet are happy.
8. How you get Cafe Rio every Sunday and how your pork tacos ritual is like church for you. Amen.
9. That every time you get pork tacos and I say I don't want one, you give me a taco anyways. (True love)
10. Your completely humble and accepting nature. Everyone is your friend.
11. Your love for Krispy Kreme.
12. How you tuck me in when I'm really sad, and let me strangle you with my hugs even when you don't want to be around me.
13. Your constant love and support for me. (Like the one time you were in the ER and told the doctors about my blog)
14. Your made up language, and how you call people at the drive thru Mr. Magoo.
15. How you trip over everything when you are tired.
16. Your way of making everyone feel included and excited about the little moments.
17. How you have to read every book out loud, and how your sweet little voice fills our apartment when you find a new novel.
18. The way you always, always, take a funny selfie on my phone, with double chin and all.
19. For being the best part of our family, the best part of this sisterhood duo, and for being you.
Happy birthday, wonderful girl.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!! This is so sweet. Do you guys live together?! I tell you- the day I moved into a place with a dishwasher- my entire life changed. #8 haha!! I love the two of you together. So much.

    1. Thank you, Emily!! We do live together, and dishes will be the death of me, haha. Thank you, sweet friend.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! Every time you write about your sister I want to show my daughters and say "See? This is what sisterhood is about!" I hope my daughters end up having the relationship you two share!

    1. Thank you, Anne!! I am sure that your daughters adore each other. Sisters will always have each other.

  3. Yay for sister love! I wish I had a sister.
    happy birthday to her :)

    1. Thank you, Patricia! We are pretty lucky sisters!


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