Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday to Saturday

This week has been pretty sweet ( see what I did there?) It began with a girl's night with my lovely friends where we ate and laughed too much. Sprinkles cupcakes is literally my weakness. We also went to the Polaroid museum, and I met an older man, Andy Warhol, in wax figurine form. It was creepy cool and clearly he's not interested in me based off of the picture below.

It rained in Las Vegas, which hadn't happened in 125 days. So Lizzie and I danced in the showers and it was a perfectly cloudy day. You can read more about that and my sweet sister in my post Rain or Shine.

I am an avid supporter of cloudy weather.

I had some really good food this week at LYFE Kitchen and Market Grille Café. (Also an avid supporter of good food.)
 The falafel at Market Grille is so good, and I decided I want to spend next summer in Greece eating my weight in falafel and hummus.
I spoiled one of Lizzie's birthday presents this week. Which I do every. single. year. How do people manage to keep presents a secret? If you are my friend, Christmas and your birthday always come two weeks early. By the way, the new backpack was filled with six new tops, and a new dress. Her birthday isn't till July 28th, but she's loving her new clothes anyways.

I donated and sold three giant bags of clothes. I had way too much stuff, and it actually feels really nice to know I actually like what I have in my closet.
I am interning at the Las Vegas Sun this summer, and I was published this week. Which is still surreal and just so awesome.
This picture is terrible quality of the article, but here's the link,


our tradition: prayers and hand holding while
waiting to go into the doctor's office.

note left by my sweet sister.
The highlight of this week was definitely spending time with my sister. Celebrating her health, while celebrating what a strong bond we have. I am so blessed. I am realizing this week that every let down gives you a chance to get back up. Every piece of bad news, every change in direction, every single time you misstep is a chance for you to start again and head in your desired direction. If you read, Rain or Shine, you know we were waiting on Lizzie's ultrasound results to see if she had any growths and any unresolved issues. The results came back, and she is healthy and well. Did you hear me breath and sigh of relief? This is a beautiful life, and that simple news is a reminder that things just have a way of working out.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. xoxo


  1. Oh good, I am so happy to hear you all got good news! I'm so glad you guys had such an awesome week together. And congratulations on the publication! :D

  2. Having a good friend is the best and so glad you spoil her LOL. I'd love to be your bestie if it means getting gifts two weeks early.


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