Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A while ago, I told myself if I ever wrote a memoir, I would call it wordsuponwordsuponhope. I never could tell people why this title made so much sense to me, it just did. I felt like it needed no spaces, because when I discovered writing I didn’t pause and think. I charged into it full force. I wrote quickly and with passion, all the words spilling on top of each other.

Yesterday was a super busy day, and I had no time to stop and write. I had about a 30 minute window of relax time, and I decided to spend it in Barnes and Noble. I am OBSESSED with Barnes and Noble. It’s like a fairytale land to me, I gently touch the books as I pass, feeling the covers, the raised letters, realizing this is not a dream but a wonderful store. I wish I loved libraries equally, but truly, I like to keep a book forever. It’s the one thing I’m greedy about, once I’ve read something cover to cover, it’s become a part of me, and I have to keep it.

I deciding to wander over to the writing section, and look up the art of writing memoirs. I had found so many great books when an employee came up to me and said, “If you haven’t read Stephen King’s On Writing, you should.” Trusting her recommendation and the certainty in her voice, I bought it. It cost 16 dollars, which for a poor college student, that’s like 50 meals (just kidding, but seriously) and I sat down outside and began to read. Stephan King says in the book, “writing isn’t life, but I think sometimes it can be a way back to life.”
And suddenly the title to my memoir made sense. Writing wasn’t the reason I was living, but living was the reason I needed to write. Write out each part of my story, discovering my purpose with each journal entry. The reason I needed to equally spill all of my stories and truths among blank white pages, the reason I was eager to share with others.

Writing has made me feel safe, and comforted, and helped me express things I could never accurately say aloud. Writing has connected me to the most amazing people.

Writing is an art that makes time pause for a while. It freezes the most precious or most tragic of moments. Writing is a gatherer of perfect words, laced together in perfect sentences, for everyone to see. Writing is like a photograph that seals more than just a moment, it makes you feel deeply what may have been buried for so long.  Writing makes us look beyond a face, beyond a skin color, social status, or religion. When you strip everything away and decide to look at things exactly as they are, that is honest writing. Writing for me is believing in the power of words. Believing in the power of myself.

I truly think anyone could write how they are feeling, and if you allow yourself to be raw and open, your writing could not possibly be bad. That’s what I wish I could tell everyone who doesn’t write. If you don’t tell your story, someone else does. If you don’t express your thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams, someone else assumes them for you. We have all had a time where we have waited for our feelings to be validated by someone, we have all had a time where we didn’t feel like we were being honest, or a true lead in our own lives. Writing is that second chance to express all those things, and instead of being in the shadows, you are the author, beaming in the spotlight.

I am so grateful for writing and for being the author to my story.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday xoxox


  1. Each time I read one of your posts it leaves me feeling so much...your writing truly is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  2. Found your blog through the Wiegands link up! Love this post and I can totally relate :) You're a beautiful writer! I can't wait to check out more of your blog!

    1. Hi Tawnya!! Thank you so much, writing is definitely a wonderful gift! Thank you for stopping by (:


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