Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bethany May

Sweet, sweet, Bethany has held a piece of my heart since she was a teeny toddler. I used to watch Bethany a few times a week, and just treasure each second. She is one of those little souls who just loves and enjoys each bit of life. She has a contagious laugh. A perfect smile. A crazy good sense of humor for a little one, and she is constantly reminding me that life is so sweet.

Bethany had moved to England for 8 months and it was a weird adjustment. For any of you who have been a nanny or babysat, sometimes you just meet awesome kids that can't be replicated. I look at Bethany and just know she is going to be a beautiful person. I know her personality isn't fleeting, but instead a treasure she will carry with her forever.

Her family is so incredible, a unity of absolute and unconditional love, a love that just oozes out of all of them. It makes you just feel blessed, you know? People just loving people. People actually appreciating all that they have (even through toddler and baby screams.)

Bethany, and her family are now moving back with a new addition, sweet baby Grayson who is only 3 months old. I am thrilled to have little Bethany back. We were reunited yesterday and I am so grateful for her and her family.

her sideways stare, literally the funniest thing ever.

Bethany is a selfie-lover.

and I am a Bethany-lover.



  1. Love this. I watched a girl from when she was 3 until I went to college (she was 10), and still came home to watch her on weekends. She just graduated college (gasp!) but the memories I have from her and her family will always be with me!

  2. aww!! So awesome she's back and you'll get to see her again, along with her baby brother. This is such a sweet post :)


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