Friday, August 29, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Life has been pretty hectic lately but equally wonderful. For my birthday weekend, a full week ago now, my mom and I had a spa day and relaxed at Lake Las Vegas.

It's so crazy because I see so much of who I am in my mom. I catch myself saying things she always says/said. We finish each other's sentences, we pick up the same pair of shoes at the store without knowing, and we laugh. My goodness, we laugh about anything and everything.

My family and I celebrated my birthday at Cheesecake Factory, with lots of good fun and company. There is something so wonderful about having family around you. People who love and understand, people who make up a small or very large part of who you are.

Here are some photos from my birthday weekend. Wishing I could go back, and hold onto those moments a little longer. Also, I'd love another massage and pedicure, too.
the spa, it was dreamy. (Hilton, Lake Las Vegas.)

view from our hotel room (The Westin, Lake Las Vegas)
Buffet style desert aka heaven
The cupcake had a lot of frosting, so this was the result. Chocolate on our teeth and hilarious selflies.

exploring Lake Las Vegas with my beautiful mama

the view, the shadows, all of it.

anddd to end the weekend with cheesecake, it was all perfect.



  1. Happy belated Birthday!! What a wonderful weekend of celebrating! Did you love Lake Last Vegas? We only live a couple hours away so we go to Vegas often, but we've never stayed there!

  2. I only fairly recently went to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time. It definitely IS all it's cracked up to be. :) Glad you had an awesome and relaxing birthday!


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