Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Job/ A piece of advice

I got a new job and I am ridiculously excited and happy. I was interning at the Las Vegas Sun, and I was asked to stay apart of the team as a writer. Just writing this makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I have not yet taken any journalism classes because I had just switched my major, but when you follow your purpose, things just unravel just as they should.
the new office.
But now it is so much more than an internship, it is a job, a career. Why is it that we doubt ourselves when we get the opportunities we deserve and are meant to do? I spent a good six hours trying to tell myself, this may not be for you.. to good to be true.. we all know what the famous words are of self-doubt. But then I realized something, I love writing. Writing is my home. And if given an opportunity to get paid to come home every time my pen hits the paper, well, I am taking it and I will succeed.

This week at work I was given an assignment I felt slightly uncomfortable with. Like, I wasn’t really sure how I would make it work, and sometimes my lack of journalism experiences creeps up and taps me on the shoulder, and whispers, “Hey Katie, pssst, you know you have like, no actual training right?!” My little journalism nemesis can sometimes give me serious butterflies and writers block. And then this came to mind: If a ball was being thrown straight to you, and it was either going to hit you in the face, or you were going to catch, you would put up your hands and catch that ball like a pro. And that is what this job is for me sometimes. I don’t know what is coming my way, but I’ve got my mit up, and there is no way I am leaving this office with a shiner.

When you have no idea what is being thrown to you, catch it and wow them. Catch it, and throw it right back, harder, faster, and stronger. Don’t allow any type of self-doubt to sneak into your life, you are given opportunities because people believe in you. And if they believe in you, why aren’t you believing in yourself?

So, when I get thrown a curveball, I don’t stop at dodging it or even catching it. I am in the game. I will research, ask questions, spend extra time, say some affirmations, and turn in something that is sure to wow them. I want people to know me as someone who works hard, but mainly someone who enjoys the process and get something meaningful and new turned in. I want people to see that I am the girl that is fearless. The girl that never gives up, but instead gets up and tries again.

The world has no idea what you are capable of. And the amazing thing is, we can literally do anything we want to do. We can achieve anything we can possibly imagine. We can live in fear of striking out, or we can play our hearts out.
Happy Wednesday. xoxox
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  1. You are going to be AMAZING. Your call in life is to write. I am sure of it. Your voice and your words need to be heard. Never doubt yourself because training may be good, but talent and instincts will get you far! And you have plenty of both of those. XXOOXXOO

  2. What a great piece of advice! I've never thought of it that way. It makes you see new opportunities, or even life scary changes, seem easier and kind of empowering. It's all what you make of it, right?
    And in your case, you should have no reason to doubt yourself even with no training, because if they didn't think you were valuable, they wouldn't have wanted you to stay. Congrats!

  3. Huge congratulations on the new job! I have to say, Katie, if anybody deserved to be paid for their writing it is definitely you! :) Amazing work is going to come of this job, and I can't even imagine how much growth will be added to your already incredible talent!

  4. Congratulations! That is so amazing! And I absolutely love your attitude about the whole thing!


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