Monday, September 8, 2014

Hard Work is Necessary

early morning thoughts
I am currently going to school full-time, writing a blog, and working 30 hours a week at the Las Vegas Sun. I have dreams of travelling, freelancing and writing about life: what makes life incredible, stories from strangers, how to live deliberately and beautifully. I don’t want to write about struggle, but instead the rise after the fall. The people who work hard to see a better day despite the cards that have been dealt to them. I’ve got big plans, which means school, internships, and frankly, working my ass off.

There are times where I wake up and think, “Okay, I should just drop a class. I should take time off of work. I should look for a job that will be super easy and requires me to think and do as little as possible.” ( I know that sounds crazy, but I am serious. You all know this feeling after a hard day.)

This past Friday was one of those days where I just thought “What am I doing?!” I woke up tired. My room was a mess because I have had no time to clean it. I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I’ve got a ton of homework, nearly 300 pages in reading, and a job that requires me to be all there, all the time. My “me” time was riddled with the stresses of my everyday life.
My “quiet” time involved me sitting still for all of 26 seconds, and then having my mind go over “the list.” I need groceries, I’ve got that assignment, I should probably email my professor, did I ever call her back?, I should try to exercise…” We all have “the list.” We all had have a desire to burn the list, and hide out in our rooms with the curtains drawn and lots of comfort food. Basically, life has just been a little tougher than usual.

So, like every other time the going gets tough, I search for the tiny door in this huge room of opportunity. I am searching for the tiny door with the “emergency exit’ flashing overhead. In fine print it read: “if things get tough, open this door. warning, alarm with sound.”

And so it’s been a battle. An internal struggle that has me asking myself, “Are you even going to be able to do all the things you want to do?” I’ve got two choices: decide whether I want to stay in this room of opportunity or charge for the door, crawl out, and take a deep breath.

What people forget to mention is that once you exit that door, it locks from the inside. Sure you’re out, but you don’t get your chance to go back in.

Hard work is hard. There are lots of people who choose paths that are comfortable, offer quick rewards and cause them little to zero pain. The art of life is to serve and help others. The art of life is to better who you are, and in return you better the world. The art of living a meaningful life does not happen in one day.

Being successful, being someone who plays a vital role in society, is hard but so worth it. My path in not lined with lights, there are no signs guiding me in one specific way. Not everyone is kind and not every moment is bright, but I have to say that as I write this, I realize my path is meant for me to walk on. That despite the days I continuously eye the exit door, I am beyond grateful to be in this chaotic state.

Struggle makes every triumph more rewarding. Darkness makes every stream of light shine a bit brighter. And passion burns a whole lots deeper when you power through people doubting you.

Life isn’t supposed to be mediocre. Nothing worth having is supposed to be simply handed to us. You fight for happiness, you strive for success, you become the “crazy” person who believes you can change the world.
I don’t live in fear of not succeeding, I live in fear of getting in my own way. And what do I tell myself when I feel myself getting in my way, when I feel myself walking towards that door?

Step out of your way and into the light. There’s life to be lived and your future is completely up to you.
Happy Monday xoxo
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  1. Love this analogy! Keep on working hard, girl. It will be so worth it.

  2. "My path is meant for me to walk on." = SO TRUE. Thank you for this reminder. You are doing such a great job, Katie. My mom always said, "Short term pain for long term gain" and I say that to myself when it all just feels really tiring. Your soul will continue to lead you in the right direction... it's your brain you have to say, "Shh. I can do this. I WILL do this." And I am cheering for you!

  3. you are right hard work is hard but it is so worth it and struggling definitely does make each triumph more rewarding!

  4. YESS! I totally understand where you're coming full time..and school. It's not easy. This is my first semester while working at my current job. This job is a lot more involved than my last one. It's not easy to juggle it all but I know in the end it'll all pay off. You are doing awesome!! Your current situation won't be with you forever but little struggles are worth it in the end.

  5. This post has literally made my day, made me feel positive about my future and to tell myself to enjoy this moment in time. Don't take anything for granted and whether you have a lot to do..just do it. Because there will be a day when you have so much time for yourself that you wished you were back doing all these chaotic things! Thanks for the inspiration this Tuesday morning!

    Rachel xx


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