Saturday, October 4, 2014

All my love

On Thursday morning, Lizzie and I packed our bags and headed to the airport.

We waited by our gate, eager to see our family in New York. Our sweet cousin, Allie, had surgery planned for Friday, and we knew we had to be there. To let her know she is oh so loved, that no matter how many states lied between us, we would always be willing to board a plane and see her. That distance is simply just a number of miles and nothing that could keep us apart.

Allie is the sweetest, most thoughtful little girl I know. I have never meet a five-year-old with so much spunk and enthusiasm. She is constantly thinking of others, she has a smile that radiates like the sun's rays, and her little laugh melts me completely.

Seeing her yesterday worrying about surgery, and fidgeting as we walked towards the hospital made me realize I was just where I needed to be. At some point, we all just need to know that no matter what we are about to go through, we are loved and supported endlessly. That people think of us even when they can't be there, and that for some reason, the only thing more healing than medicines and time, is love.

So my sweet Allie cat, I hope you always know that you are loved. That even when I am not right beside you, I am thinking of you.

I hope you know that you have a cousin who believes in everything you want to be. I hope you always know that the times you need me, and the times you don't really need me but just want me around, I will be there.

I hope you know that there are so many people who adore the little girl that you are.

Life is realizing that we are always going to have work, responsibilities, deadlines, bills to be paid, and things we just have to do. Life is knowing that sometimes you drop all of that. You leave it all behind because of who is waiting in front of you. Someone who needs you; a moment that if you miss, you will never get back. Those who hold a piece of our heart will always be more important than work, school, and any other distractions.

Somewhere along the way, we blur the line between what matters and what really doesn't. We think people will always be there, always willing to forgive and move on. I know I could have stayed back this trip and Allie would love me all the same. But I knew where I needed to be.

Here. Hugging my sweet cousin, kissing her forehead and letting her know things are okay, and that I love her soooo much. Playing with Play-Doh. Laughing, loving, and being silly.

Work and school can be put on pause. My love for this little girl will forever play.



  1. So beautiful! :) It's so true, life and responsibilities can just wait sometimes.

  2. Lucky little girl to be surrounded by all of that love. Great reminder to us all!!


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