Monday, October 20, 2014

For the miles

For the miles we have walked, and the miles we have yet to, there is no one else I'd rather travel them with. For the tough days we have had to face, and the joyous days we've basked in, there's no one I'd rather pass the time with.

Here's to laughing till we can't catch our breath, and jokes that are as weathered as our living room sofa. Here's to staying up late and telling secrets in the dark, and to wishing that there was a way to slow down the time, because you make each moment brighter. Here's to you, beautiful sister.

If we are truly born into the people we are supposed to be, I was born to be Lizzie's sister. My mom found out she was pregnant with Lizzie when I was only six weeks old. I think that a part of my heart was eagerly waiting to be filled with Lizzie's presence. And to be honest, it's the favorite part of my heart I carry.
On our way home from New York a few weeks ago, Lizzie said to me "this is the first flight I'm flying without you!" We have always flown together. It makes the hours go by faster, and the plane rides much more fun.

I thought about Liz and I boarding different planes and I felt indifferent. I love my independence, but I love being an individual with Lizzie. I thought about how there will be flights after this where we won't be boarding together. And maybe there will be holidays we won't be at the same table. There will be a time where we will no longer share an apartment. (Liz, there will be a time where you won't have to do my dishes). There will be a time when we follow our path, and they won't be the same ones.

But like that spot in my heart, my path was built with Lizzie in mind.

So I love that we have miles yet to travel together, and more days to face together, I'm happy we are still roommates.

And when we begin to travel down our separate paths, know that I will be eagerly awaiting the intersection.

Thank you for being you, L. I was too young to wish for you, but I am so glad I was blessed with you.

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  1. I love your sweet posts to Lizzie. Your mom must cry over each one! :) You two are like twins.. sharing such a special bond. It's like God knew the two of you would need a life-long buddy. Even when the two of you are on different paths, you both will be in each other's hearts exactly the way you are today... and maybe even more so :) XO!

  2. This is so sweet! I love that you guys have such a precious bond.

  3. This is so touching and sweet. I hope she read it. :)


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