Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Picture Perfect

My family could live anywhere in the world, and I would probably think it was the most beautiful, amazing place ever because they were there.

But I am lucky enough to have family that lives in New York. Coming from my usual desert setting in Nevada, I am always blown away by how green NY is.

So, of course I brought along my camera and took pictures of nearly everything. Going through the photos today, I am reminded of how much I love pictures. Moments important enough that you feel the need to stop and capture them. Moments that now have the ability to live on forever.

 I love that pictures of the beach hold so much more than just waves and sand, but also the love and laughter shared with family and friends.

Photos of just a table in a small ice cream shop, remind me of the sweet gelato, walking in the cold and sunny weather, being with those I love.

Each photo reminds me of more than just the setting or object. Each photo makes missing those who we apart of the moment less severe.

And when the years pass, and the things or people in those photos change, that moment I choose to pick up my camera will stay just as it was.

Here are just a handful of photos from my trip. My family lives on Long Island and we also visited Southhold.

All of my photos were taken with a Nikon D3200, I am obsessed with the camera and the quality.
Wishing everyone a great day, xoxo.

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  1. I love this post. I can relate to everything you wrote. I love capturing the memories and special moments that will be faded memories in years to come. And yes, anywhere my friends and family are will always be the best place on Earth. :)


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