Thursday, October 9, 2014

Starts with {you}

My goal is to inspire.

But not in the way that someone just says, "thank you for that, I needed to read that…"

Caring, wonderful people read my blog posts all the time. I am endlessly grateful for all of you who do, by the way.

But the goal is to inspire those who would never want to read my words.

The hurt, the angry, the ones who do not believe in a good life, in equality, in second chances, and finding beauty upon the disaster.

My goal is to wake up each day and make myself proud. My goal each day is to show up for life, to fight for what I believe in, and hope that those watching will find something to believe in too.

My purpose is to write. To use my words to spread a message, to create something that will not just give people something to read, but give people something to make them want to make a change.


There are times when the idea of making a wave in an ocean that is filled with violence, hatred, constant civil and social wars, and tragedy seems nearly impossible. There are times when that ocean of defeat seems to swallow me whole, crashing me against the shore.


And there are also times that I am reminded it takes one person wanting to make a difference to begin a small ripple that turns into a wave. That despite all the bad things that happen in the world, acts of kindness, words of empowerment, and doing things with the intention of love, even towards those we don’t really want to love, can make a difference.

I want to inspire those who have lost all hope, those who think they are beyond repair, those who stopped believing in the possibility of tomorrow. I want my words to fall into the hands of those who may not want them, but need them.


And the driving force that keeps me writing is remembering that at some point, I was the person who didn’t want my words but needed them. That I was angry, sad, and lost.

That at some point, I decided to pick up a pen, and find myself again.


Whenever you question if you are making a difference, remember that making a difference in your life, deciding you want better, is making a difference. It’s the first step to loving and encouraging others, when you finally love and find the courage to be yourself.

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