Monday, November 24, 2014

Sister, sister

I write about my sis all the time because she is the most wonderful person I know.

Even though Lizzie and I “love each other’s guts” (that’s our coined phrase), there are still times where we annoy each other to a whole new level.

I was going to make this post all about what Lizzie does to annoy me, but I decided that wasn’t fair. We both do annoying things and I am about to share ten of them.

  1. Lizzie never answers my phone calls. Sometimes I call 157 times in a row, and after the 2nd call, I think to myself, “If she really loved me, she would answer.” So I just keep calling. She has now told me I can only call in a state of emergency. Ridiculous, I know.
  2. When Lizzie finally answers she says things like “Waz here.” or “ELLO.” Sometimes when she has me on speaker, I say things like, “You sound so far away..” To which she replies, “I’ve never been closer.” Creepy and hilarious.
  3. I like to talk to Lizzie in the early morning about what a wonderful life it is. I like all the windows open and the sun streaming in, and I like to sing all about what I will do for the day. I’m like a modern day princess with bad bed head. Lizzie doesn’t appreciate this, and will often retreat to her room, which remains a dark lair no matter how bright it is outside.
  4. Lizzie keeps count on her food items. So sometimes when I eat one of her bananas because I am starving, she frames me into telling her the truth and then does this thing, it’s like an imaginary choke hold + a punch where she stands in a warrior pose and pretends she is choking and punching me at the same time. Lizzie also frames me into telling her if I have used her shampoo/conditioner or hair brush. I am getting sneakier and I am finding ways to avoid her evil mind games.
  5. The constant torture that I listed above is put to shame when I remind Lizzie she would never look cute if it wasn’t for my adorable wardrobe that she uses at her dispense. She also destroyed a dress of mine last year by getting a stain on it. The clothes she borrows are typically returned with chocolate stains- an unforgivable act.
  6. Sometimes I scare Lizzie by hugging her so tight and nearly knocking her over. Lizzie scares me by doing this dance where she lifts up her shirt and says, “I’m belly-licious” and rubs her belly until I join in on the dance- I’ll admit it’s a really catchy song.
  7. Lizzie and I scare each other by always finishing each other’s sentences. One time we said the same thing, made the same face, and then laughed the SAME LAUGH. Lizzie is also a klutz and claims this is only because of our telepathy, and she can sense when I’m getting hurt so she gets hurt instead. I call BS. Exhibit A, I got my ear’s pierced last summer, Lizzie fainted, a split her eyebrow open and passed out. She had to be rushed to the emergency room-in a neck brace.
    Lizzie entering hospital

    Lizzie leaving the hospital
    At the hospital she told me she fainted because she felt I was going to faint. She claims she took the fall, literally.
  8. Lizzie braids her hair all the time. And then she looks at herself in the mirror like she’s Elsa, and pets her braid. She also watches the graduation episode of Laguna Beach a zillion times a week, and she can quote every. single. line.
  9. Sometimes (all the time) I make giant messes. And l drop food on the floor when I cook. I don’t see it until Lizzie is screaming at me about the piece of avocado she stepped in.
  10. Lizzie is my most favorite friend, my beautiful sister, my life-line. She is the carrier of our childhood dreams, the gatherer of our precious memories, and the voice to my favorite laugh. This makes all those annoyingly hilariously pet peeves go away.
Happy Monday! xo
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  1. this is my favorite post of the day! My sister and I are very much like you and Lizzie (I'd be you and Becca is Lizzie) I felt myself nodding throughout this and laughing. I love that you're so close with your sister. such an amazing bond!

  2. “I’ve never been closer.” haha!! You know I love these posts about you two SO MUCH!!! #4 is HILARIOUS. (Christian and I have a similar game... I've had to start hiding things I don't want him to eat hahah) I think this is my most favorite sister post from you! XO. Also, I want to come stay with you girls for a weekend... just to get in on some of the crazy!


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