Sunday, December 14, 2014

Downtown Las Vegas

Finals are finally over. After stu(dying) for nearly two months, I'm free as a bird!

I'm also broke as a college student, and the travel jar I have on my desk is just filled with change and lonely buttons.

So, I'm taking winter break to fall in love with my city and figure out great little places that decorate Las Vegas.

I so often have wanderlust and I've been lucky to go to some amazing places, but these past few days of driving across town to just try coffee somewhere new, see Christmas tree farms, visit locals shops, and become familiar with streets I never even drove down, has been really eye-opening. We can be inspired every day. There is endless beauty in our surroundings, we just have to be willing to look.

Yesterday, my friend Carly and I spent all afternoon exploring downtown Las Vegas. I like to say it's a little bit gritty, but a lotta bit unique and budding. One of my friends describes Vegas as a prepubescent teen. He says it's got a lot of potential, "But it's covered in acne, and it's kinda awkward, and it's trying really hard to be cool." But downtown Vegas is like that prepubescent teen that hit a growth spurt before the others kids, and frankly, it's awesome.

We started the day at The Beat Coffeehouse. I love The Beat. I love the old sofas, and the bistro tables, the giant windows, and the vinyl room in the back. I love the people walking in with rainbow hair, and the ones who talk to anyone that will listen.

After getting green tea for me, chai for Carly, we set out and wandered. (Not before getting hit on by a fifty year old who asked to edit our photos.)

 We went to Container Park, which is like a hybrid of an artsy local market and a modern shopping center. There's great shops, food, and more coffee. I didn't snap a single picture here, so you'll just have to believe me, it's so cute and worth visiting.

We found a really bright mural on the side wall of The Market. People watched as we took pictures.

We found a great local apothecary shop with floral galore called Bud and Vine. It's so charming. I love the look of exposed architecture, and cool colors and this shop has the best of both those worlds.

Next we ate at Eat. It was so packed everywhere we went, but we snuck into this tiny place, and got seated right away. Also, I think I saw a guy from the Food Network there, and I stared at him for a really long until I could see he was visibly uncomfortable, and then I realized he wasn't famous, just a doppelgänger of a food network star. What should be famous is the roasted chicken sandwich at Eat. and there house chips. Yummmm.

You know when you have friends that make you feel the need to get a salad and not bring up dessert? Carly is not ones of those friends. So after our carb-y lunches, we got doughnuts. And not just any doughnuts, O-Face Doughnuts. The kind employee  with electric blue hair, and about seven facial piercings described every single doughnut to us, (there's one with bacon), and I still got classic vanilla with sprinkles. I also didn't get a good picture because I just wanted to eat it, oops.
After walking around some more, we spotted a local shop, Co-ter-ie, which means a small group of individuals with similar interests and beliefs. The shop reminded me of this scene in the Sweetest Thing when they two best friends sneak off to a unique local boutique and everything is so eclectic and one-of-a-kind. It was just completely something of it's own and I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful clothes. They also had a wall where people could leave a message, and I was happy to see so many kind, encouraging words. Of course, the picture I got shows some type of frazzled monster and some terrifying doodles.

Small Findings: Carly and I both love taking photos of walls, chairs, and anything outdoors. Here are some of the shots.
Behind O-Face Donuts


It was beautiful and sunny. How lucky are we?!

Once I saw this wall, I thought, who was the first person to put up a sticker? And the second and the third, and what gave them the idea? What did the very first sticker look like? I am a writer, so I obviously look for a sign in everything, and to me, there is an immense beauty in this wall. Someone had the courage to take a plain black door, and place a sticker, giving several others to follow the courage to do the same. And now, it's not just a plain black door, it's art. People didn't place the same stickers, or put them in the same spot or even direction. And that's what I think creating, sharing, and living a meaningful life is about. You try something that feels right to you, even if it breaks a norm, and in return, you get to watch people express themselves in a similar way. You get to be apart of something more than just your own life. 
And, it's not that your one piece was enough, it's that people come together and fill in the puzzle. This sticker wall would be hideous or dirty to some. But it shows unity, creativity, and it's ours. It belongs to Las Vegas and there is nothing else like it.
I want to thank my sweet Carly friend for searching and discovering with me all afternoon.
Carly blogs over at and makes adorable DIY crafts.
Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday! xo.
Places listed in this post:
The Beat Coffeehouse: 520 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Container Park:707 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Bud and Vine: 124 South 6th Street, 170, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Eat.:707 Carson Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101
O-Face Doughnuts: 124 South 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Co-te-rie: 515 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101


  1. I love that you had such a great time in your own city! Our city isn't nearly as exciting! :) Glad you were abl to enjoy yourself on your post studying budget! :) xoxo


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