Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rainy Day Thoughts

Rainy day thoughts
There's something about rainy days that always make me reflect on all the wonderful parts of my life: past, present, and what is yet to come.

With rain comes moisture for our dry, dry desert land here in Las Vegas. A healthy dose of water for lawns, trees, and flowers everywhere. A chance to wash things away, preparing for new things to make way.

So as I sit in my comfy-cozy bed this morning, listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain against my window, cup of tea balancing on the window sill, I am happy to just be here.

I am happy to just be at this point in my life.

This past week has been overwhelmingly stressful because of finals. I am in my second year of college, and I still find myself trying to balance each semester's work load. The years in school do not seem to get easier, but instead, the work load larger, the demands higher than ever.

But as I sit here, still and calm, I find beauty in the fact that I have been vulnerable, nervous, and stressed this week because new things are underway.

Because I realize I am strong enough to get through it.

As I sit here this morning, books scattered on my room floor, items yet to be checked on my to-do list, I am grateful for a life where I am challenged.

I am grateful to be the girl who knows she can make it. To be the girl sitting upon this pile of comfy cozy comforters, writing out her thoughts, listening to the soft showers outside.

I am grateful to be the girl that realizes with rain comes change, a clean slate, and brighter surroundings.

Even the sun needs a break from shining. Skies need a chance to go from blue to gray. Storms wake the dry, still landscape, streets seem to glisten, people seem to slow down, and I get to sit here and admire that this is only the beginning of a beautiful day.


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