Monday, January 26, 2015

Permanence/Laguna Beach

"I realize these troubling times are as permanent as words we write in the sand. No matter how long they seem to be there, no matter how long they seem to stay grooved in the ocean's neighboring floor, a wave will eventually whisk them away. That's my favorite part. In seconds, we are granted a clear, blank platform again. This time, we choose what we write. This time, the feeling of permanence is gone. Everything is temporary."

I wrote this last night while driving home from Laguna Beach, California. After a day trip where I just breathed, relaxed, laughed, and never checked the time.

These past few weeks have been really challenging ones. If you asked me if I thought troubling times were necessary, I would say absolutely. But  when you find yourself deep within the hard times, suddenly struggles seem so unnecessary and instead like a big, unbearable weight holding you down.

A lesson that is constantly being presented to me is that life is full of challenging times, wonderful times, and times in between, but everything is temporary. Especially my stresses and times of defeat. Especially the times that cause me to drive to the beach with three dear friends because we all just need an escape.

The permanence of these hard times are like words written in the sand.


 Here are some photos from our Sunday, I am so grateful for these girls. I am so grateful for the ocean, the sand, our healthy able bodies navigating a beach town by foot, I'm grateful for sunshine, mesmerizing sunsets, frozen yogurt, Mexican food, laughter, small mom and pop shops, book stores, chai lattes, and every other little thing we experienced yesterday.

This week I will also be sharing a guide to Laguna Beach, it's one of my favorite place in the world to visit, and I can't wait to share some of my most see spots with all of you. Stay tuned. xoxo.

Stop by Emily's blog, Ember Grey, and share what you are grateful for today. Best way to start the week.


  1. That's a beautiful, beautiful excerpt of your writing at the top there - I love it. Words on the much of life is really like that!

  2. Gosh, where have you been my whole life? I could have used those words 10 years ago ;) Beautiful pictures, friend. It makes my heart happy knowing you had such a FREE weekend. Can't wait to read your Laguna guide!


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