Saturday, March 28, 2015

Inspired: Women's Equality and Ted Talks

As much as school completely drains me, it also completely inspires me. I love learning, I love being around other people and hearing their perspectives, and I love feeling like I am bettering myself. School is out for spring break, but my classes have still be on my mind as I read, write, and watch TV. One of the classes that has been inspiring me most this semester is Women's Studies. Learning about social, racial, and class issues has been eye-opening and core-shaking. We have come a long way when it comes to equality, but we still have a very long way to go. My teacher began the semester by asking us what we stand for. Even though most of us have something we believe in and support, few of us fight to make a change. My teacher responded to the silence of our class by asking us a question, "Well, what are you mad as hell about?" This Ted Talk sums it up for me.

This Ted Talk is titled, "Everyday sexism". Women and men, this is a Ted Talk for all. Laura Bates talks about an experience she had with a man groping her on a subway, and when she vocalized what was happening, everyone on the subway turned in the other direction or gazed at the window, uncomfortable. Women all around the world experience sexual harassment. Because it has become so common, it has begun to be brushed off as nothing but a mundane happening. 
  We need to vocalize what makes us uncomfortable, stand up for ourselves, and stop pretending that being sexualized, cat-called, and harassed is okay. Women- we can wear whatever we want. We can travel alone, we can wander the streets at night, we can. 
Being assaulted is never at the fault of the victim. A short skirt is not a yes. Not being able to speak is not consent. Being incoherent does not give any assaulter the right. These are our lives and our bodies. Our minds and our souls, and we can be hit on, grabbed, whistled at a thousand times over, but the second we begin to think it is us who needs to change is when we hand over our power. We are not at fault for the ignorant. This talk inspired me to stop feeding into the fear that society has been trying to force me to swallow. It's not okay. I stand up for myself not just for me, but for future girls and boys. 

The current argument presented in this Ted Talk was that women are equal now, and women calling attention to any inequalities are just "overdramatic and sensitive." The opposing argument presented by Laura Bates is that 1 in 3 women from all over the world will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. 1 in 3. I will not become a statistic, and I will fight like hell to educate women and men. We have to believe and love ourselves enough to stand up for ourselves. And it is incredibly scary and overwhelming. But we are so worth it. Stand up for yourself to scare the hell out of the guy that grabbed your ass because he felt like it. Stand up for yourself so he realized it is never okay. Stand up for yourself because you have vital thoughts, feelings, needs, and are an equal to all human beings. 

Here are a list of some other Ted Talks about women's equality. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If you have any book, documentary or any other suggestions of things that are inspiring you, share below!
1. We Should All Be Feminists-

Take time this week to share what you are grateful for (in my case, education and sharing this information with all of you.) Link up with Ember Grey.


  1. I'm sharing myself becuase I'm inspiring. :D

  2. Women's Studies classes were my absolute favorite while in college. It also had a tendency to send me out of the classroom (after class) FUMING. I'm standing right there with you, friend, standing up for you, for me, and for every other her. XO


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