Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feel the Wind

Yesterday I was walking with sweet Sophia through the park. The wind was blowing harder than usual so we zipped up our jackets, linked our hands, and braced the breeze together.

She would feel the wind, close her eyes, and ask me, “do you hear that?” We kept walking and she would say, “can we find it?”
I told her in the simplest of terms how sometimes we hear something but can’t see it, or feel something and can’t see it. She would point to things and ask if that’s where it was coming from.
A shiny ball. A tired swing. A squeaky door.

I told her that we don’t always get to know where a feeling comes from, but we can try and figure it out. I explained that the wind works with the trees, so we could see them moving and know it’s there. Or the squeaky door that rocked on its hinges, the wind was pushing it that way.

It blows my mind that life’s biggest lessons are delivered in things like wind. Or  from the mouth of a very smart 2-year-old.
The whole walk she continued to close her eyes, and feel the wind. I put her back in her stroller, and her little legs dangled, and she was singing softly and the wind kept stirring, and I just thought about how incredible everything was. The things I had the most faith in, I would not see. But I could see them working in beautiful ways through tangible elements in my life.

Sophia fell asleep mid-way eating an apple so I walked for an extra hour, knowing that it was probably a combination of the wind, the cool air, and the sound of the birds that were keeping her drowsy.

I thought about how many things I feel and believe in. I thought about how incredible it was that Sophia was already learning faith. That she was teaching me faith.
I’ve been worried about things lately, and I constantly need to see the end to know that I should keep walking the path I am on. I need to see where all this work, these prayers, positive thoughts are going. I need it constantly.

But saying to Sophia that there are things we can feel and never see and hear reminded me that I am living for something bigger and greater than myself.
That even though I can’t see the next few steps, or even how I am going to get there, I know I eventually will. I know I just have to keep walking.

Sophia eventually woke up and turned her head towards the sky and I snapped this photo. Of her feeling the wind and not knowing where it was, or what it looked like, but appreciating it nonetheless.
That is what life is. Knowing that sometimes we don’t get an answer but just a moment. To marvel, appreciate, wonder, love, and believe.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday. Xo
I was listening to The Paper Kites on my walk, here are two songs that are my absolute favorites:
St. Clarity

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  1. Oh how I needed this. Your posts always seem to ground me and bring me back to what I need to hear. I love your take on things....thank you for sharing this.

  2. Your writing is so inspiring and beautiful. This post is exactly what I needed to read today! xx thank you, always

  3. I could read your words until the day I die, Katie! Like, I would read every single story. (Does that sound totally crazy/psycho? haha!) As always, I loved this. xo


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