Monday, April 6, 2015

If I could tell you one thing

This post was shared two months ago on my friend Taylor's blog and if you missed it, I'm sharing it on my blog today.

If I could tell you one thing...

On Thursday, I sat in my Creative Writing class, eager to get started, just waiting for my professor to say what our assignment would be.

School is hard, I've been going through a particularly difficult season lately, and I find myself constantly holding on to tiny moments of light.

My creative writing class being ones of those bright, beaming moments.

My professor began to tell us about our free write for the day: What is the most important moment in a child's life?

You could run with this in one hundred directions. So I found myself racking my brain, "Can I write about any child? Should I recount my childhood? Maybe I should write this for my future daughter or son? What do I remember as a huge moment of my childhood life?"

We've got ten minutes for the prompt. Nine minutes left after I begin to think about what direction to go in. I panic, naturally. How does one write something decent in eight minutes and 44, 43, 42 seconds?

Write your truth. The thought came in a soft but strong whisper.

So I did.


Free Write #4

For the child yet to grow big and tall, for the child being wished for & prayed for, yet to be in a mommy's tummy, for the child that is already having a difficult time navigating the world, and for the child that still shines brightly in all of us, this is for you. 

If I could tell you one thing, there are going to be many important moments in your life. There's going to be a time when you discover how to walk, talk, run, and ride a bike. You're going to have a time where you love so wildly, and your heart pitter patters when you have your first crush. There is going to be a time where you feel a little embarrassed, and when you are mad at someone who cares for you. I hope you don't have too many moments of sadness of defeat. And if you do, I hope you have double the amount of moments that bring you happiness and laughter.

You are going to have moments that reveal your passion. You are going to have a favorite food, favorite friend, favorite book, favorite time of day.

You are going to have lots of moments, but I know the most important one, for me at least, is the moment you realize that loving yourself is essential to really loving and appreciating all of life's other moments.

Loving yourself, and realizing you are a gifted individual that adorns that world, is the most important moment.

The moment you stop allowing yourself to nitpick over flaws, or wish you had a different nose, mouth, hip size, hair color. The moment you notice the way your eyes sparkle, or that no one else will ever be like you. The moment you realize the entire world and everyone you have ever interacted with would not be the same without you.

That moment may seem fleeting at times, and there may be hours and days that you don't feel so in love with yourself, but I can promise you: this body, this mind, this heart of yours needs to run on self-love. You deserve to love yourself.

As children, we are too often judged on standards that are set for everyone. We are too often told that talent, smarts, and ability is based on a one size fits all scale.

The moment you love yourself, you love the fact that you could never really play basketball but could write poetry, or could barely handle public speaking but could handle calculus. For me, loving myself meant I finally accepted that I would never be the girl that could stay still, or not question, or make it through a day without reading and writing something.

If I would have known that the only thing that would bring me to a place of forgiveness, adventure, new opportunities, and acceptance was self-love, I would have granted myself that moment long ago.

That moment is now.

Take time to stop by Emily's blog, Ember Grey, and share what you are grateful for this week.


  1. I think every child needs to read that, right now. Great post today!

    1. Thank you so much! I always hope these posts fall into tiny hands. Kids need these messages just as much as we do. Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xoxo

  2. I was crying by the first paragraph of what you wrote. I feel seriously and truly blessed to count you as my friend, Katie. You are going to make one AMAZING mom someday, wow. XO

    1. Oh, this made me tear up. I am soooo blessed to know you, friend. And thank you so much, our kids can be artsy best friends, with moms that drink too much coffee and blog about everything. xoxo

  3. This is beautiful. The line about one day having a favorite food, favorite friend, favorite time of day...really hit me. It really is those simple, little things that make life good + worth loving.

    1. Thank you, Meghan! Isn't that wild? The littlest thing make us appreciate the build up to the big stuff. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


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