Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LA Adventures & Photos


To celebrate spring break, my friend Ariana and I travelled to California for some beach therapy, a spa day, and some LA shopping.

Two days was just enough to recharge and remind myself that school is nearing the end. I just needed to feel some sand and hear some waves to remember that.

We left early Monday morning, jammed out to Avril Lavinge on the drive there, and made it with enough time to get a yummy lunch and hit the beach before our spa day. 

I am not a great traveller, I overpack (seriously, I brought five outfits), and I worry about forgetting things like a toothbrush, shampoo, etc. But this time I took a deep breath and just enjoyed it all. Getting lost? No big deal. LA traffic that leaves you stuck at the same green light for several minutes? Whatever. No toothbrush? Well, that's one that I had to solve, first by using the good old finger brush and then actually getting a toothbrush in the morning. 

I didn't take as many photos as I typically take on a vacation, so here are just a few. I did find a few awesome places and tricks along the way that I want to share with all of you.

I am currently obsessed with tee-shirt dresses, this one is less than ten bucks at H&M


Number 1: Waze driving app. This app is seriously amazing. It avoids toll roads, traffic, car accidents, and even lets you know when cops are approaching. 

Number 2: Burke Williams Day Spa. Ahhhh-mazing. I still feel like I am floating on a little cloud made of steam rooms and delicious orange-enhanced lemonade. The employees at the spa are so wonderful and helpful, there are several jacuzzis, hot and cold steam room, sauna, a solarium reading and relaxing area and more. It is also a ten minute walk from the beach, and surrounded by great shops and trendy restaurants. 

Number 3: LACMA. Those beautiful lights made me cry. I think it was a mix of things but I just kept thinking how incredible it is that in a second things can go from dark to light. And we are all just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all just hoping to be the light, to carry it and share it.  People literally gather under these lamp posts, just plain lamp posts, cluttered in one area. It's a beautiful, unifying experience.


Number 4: The Grove. Great shopping, great food, and there is a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt and a Sprinkes Cupcake so basically I would move in. If you're not into delicious desserts, there is also an amazing Topshop, Zara, a three-story Barnes and Noble, MAC, Madewell and more. Sidenote- Lauren Conrad was there on Valentine's Day which is a big deal for someone like me  who religiously follow LC's life. 

Number 5: Food. Tender Greens and Eat Well were two of our food stops and they were delicious and healthy options. I try to avoid fast food at all costs, but also hate spending $20 or more on a meal. These places were both under $12 and really good.

Eat Well

Tender Greens


Number 6: Hotel Angelino. These hotel is in the center of LA, easy to find, offers free parking, and a stunning view of the skyline. We checked in late, and Eric at the front desk (shoutout-he was a sweetheart), gave us an upgraded suite room, with TWO balconies, a living room, a huge bedroom, and a view to die for. 

Number 7: Brandy Melville. We don't have one in Las Vegas, and this store is one of my obsessions. Everything is SO soft, in neutral colors, which I love. I got this shirt for $26, which is like, 9 coffees at Starbucks but totally worth it.

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