Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You are enough

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Lately, I have been struggling with the idea of being enough. Doing enough, trying hard enough, being skinny enough, pretty enough.

These constant battles lead me to look for validation in anything that screams to me, "you are enough."

I have written draft upon draft of this post. I mean it you guys, I have like fifty drafts that all circle back to this topic and for some reason, I just have never hit "publish."

As a young woman, there are constants that I am always striving for. I like to think this isn't just me, but human beings in general.  The number one thing is love. Directly following that is appreciation. We want to feel wanted and we want to feel valued. And sometimes, we lend these things to the wrong people. We wait for validation from people that will never know how to truly fill that void. From there, we circle between jobs, friends, relationships, places, everything. We revisit and knock on doors that look almost perfect, waiting for some nod of approval behind them.

We have moments in our life where we were told we weren't enough, and instead of walking away, we create "new" situations to get a different outcome. One boy turns us down and every relationship after we have to be the one to do the heart breaking. We disappoint our parents, boss, peers, and suddenly nothing after feels like enough. We are constantly chasing tomorrows, and new chances, and new people, instead of facing the fact that one bad experience has shaped all the new ones.

My whole life, up until recently, all I wanted was some outside source to validate me.  That I am talented, and smart, and worthy. I can't tell you guys how many accomplishments haven't felt as significant because I just keep thinking, "Well what do I do next to stay this good?"

I realized something- I have never been waiting for anyone else, but instead, myself. My heart has just wanted me to love myself as much as I love this idea of how someone or something else could love me. I can completely fill that void by shamelessly loving who I am, was, and have yet to be.

We can't wait for someone to mend our pieces when they themselves are shattered. We can't wait for love from someone who has never been able to love the person they see in the mirror. I know that. But what I am learning is that "someone" is just a projection of ourselves. We are waiting for our own heart, soul, and mind to prepare for all the we are. We are waiting to hear our own voice say, "you have always been enough."

I will never claim to have it figured out. I really don't. But I know we get a choice each day, who we give our power to. We can give it to the people who will use it against us. Or we can build ourselves up, and in turn, love those around us. I have to actively wake up and choose everyday that I am worth this insane amount of love and potential I have within me. I have to stop lending it to people that makes me feel as if it is a weakness.

If you are questioning where to go, who to be with, what is next, look inward and realize you are all of it. All encompassing, all beautiful, all strong, gifted, guided, and enough.

The answer and validation is not around you, but inside of you.

Wishing you all a beautiful day, xoxoxo.


  1. That was a beautiful post. Thank you for that.
    P.S. you are enough :-)

  2. Love, love, love this. This is something I have to consistently remind myself of and when I believe what I'm saying to myself, that I AM enough, it makes such a difference in my day and overall mood. Needed to hear this today. Thank you for posting!


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