Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I'm still on a high from the open mic night and house show my friends and I put on a few weeks ago. Today, I want to share the poem I read during the open mic night portion of the night.
 I've been waking up lately and immediately picking out my flaws, instead of being grateful for all that I am, and focusing on what I have to offer the world instead of what I would like to change. I hope you all embrace the beautiful person (inside & out) that you are.

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Remembering (These bones)
these bones were made for me
strengthened by loss
thickened by wander
loved by nature

I’ll stop hating the thighs
that have carried me
walked me home
ran the extra

I’ll remember than my stomach
is a house for butterflies
and for food that nourishes
and not for

I’ll look at my eyes
and know that no one
sees exactly what I see
I’ll look far beyond
things that I have labeled
as flaws and imperfections

I’ll put down the measuring tape
no more numbers about
my waist, hips, bust
I’ll measure my
kindness, my hopes, my charisma
I’ll measure the
love, beauty, remarkable findings
that are my life.

I will
hug myself
love myself
be myself
without apologizing
for not being the picture that society has painted for me.
I’ll color outside those lines

The reflections in our mirrors
are the same little girls
who believed we could
the same little girls
with filter-less makeup-less faces
the same little girls
who loved ourselves because we are
all so worth loving.

Drop the labels, and the sizes, and the words we have
let become interchanged with worthy:
small, pretty, dainty, petite, sexy, girly, feminine.
Drop them and just be.

We are super women.
our pant size doesn’t need to rhyme with hero
for that to be true.

we don’t need to be saved.
we need to remember
that our shells are just shells
our souls so much more than just souls
carriers of dreams, guides to truth,

they are
the inspired, the driven, the capable.

They are waiting
for us to be fearless
for us to love
who we are
who we’ve been
and all we have left to be.

Link up with Emily this week from Ember Grey and share what you are grateful for.

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