Wednesday, July 1, 2015

30-Day Happiness Challenge

I do better when I start my day better.  

I often think this when I am waking up, groaning, and trying to peer my eyelids open to the sunshine. My cell phone is often less than a foot away, just close enough to check social media. My coffee pot is basically read to brew the biggest cup possible. This summer, I have made quite the change into a not so morning person. And I've noticed something: I have stopped starting my day with intention and a grateful heart.

It's so easy to wake up, reach for our phones and already become sucked in to the gossip and news, or obsess over a friend's perfect body or seemingly perfect life.

It's so easy to wake up and complain about all we have to get done, barely saving enough time to take a deep breath and set an intention.

For a while, I was really starting my day right. I woke up, didn't touch my phone and pictured all I would do, and how well I would do it. I drank my coffee slowly. I read part of a book. During those sweet mornings I was happier, healthier, and of a clear, sound mind.

Recently, I have been trying to get a zillion things done before noon. It's left me rushing, irritated, double and even tripling my coffee amount, and it's just not good. (Well, the coffee is good, but you know what I mean.)

I'm pushing the reset button and I'm starting a gratitude challenge for the month on July with this pin I found on Pinterest. I think it's a great way to start my day, and improve my overall mood.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join along! I don't think this is a no-fail to happiness guide, but I do think this puts you more in tune to the simple blessings in life. I think waking up each day and stating what you are grateful for makes you aware that there is so much to treasure and hold with tenderness. If you blog about your month, or how your experiences are along the way, put the link below in the comments so I can read. (:

For my challenge I am also not touching my cell phone until after I have woken up, had coffee, and read something (other than my Facebook newsfeed). A big thing I need to work on is becoming less connected with my cell phone and more connected with myself.

I'm wishing everyone a beautiful July. This year is flying by, I hope you all are enjoying your summer and cherishing each day. xoxo.

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  1. That is a beautiful idea. I too, try toread my Jesus Calling book and do ny "today I pray" journal every morning (my journal lists who my heart will focus on for the day and what all I am grateful for) and it helps me stay focused during the day. When I get too rushed I don't make time for that and it seems the day spirals downward because I didn't take the 5-10 minutes to connect to God that morning.
    I don't pinterest-is there a way to see all of this graphic? I may join in as part of my today I pray, make it all more purposeful


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