Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life is waves

Journal entry from last week, an early morning in Coronado


I wake up and take a deep breath, before listing off three things that I am grateful for.

The air feels cooler, and I smile with my eyes closed. The beach, the family I am staying with, the possibilities in each day.

I make my way into the kitchen before anyone is awake. Coffee has already been brewed. My body is tired and strengthened from playing in the ocean the day before. Jumping through the waves has given me a new perspective on my power but also how small I am in comparison to the rolling waters.

I think about the waves bustling at my ankles. My skin still smells like salt and has been freckled by the sun.

The house is quiet and the coffee is warm. I sit on the coach, sipping it slowly. I try to appreciate each second of peace. I breathe in an unfamiliar calm. A calm that doesn't need a plan, or worries. A calm that doesn't support my stubbornness. I try to remember what it was that was stressing me out before this trip and what I need to do before I get back. My mind keeps going back to the waves.

We get tossed around in life, that's inevitable. We get seasons where the waves seem to carry us where we want to go, and others where we are left battered on shore.

And it doesn't matter if you are insanely strong. If you are strategic in your way to avoid the waves, or over-eager, or anxious. What matters is what you tell yourself in the moments before the waves curl and make their way. What matters is realizing that either way, they're going to come, with their high and lows, and they are our waves to ride.

Sometimes we have to stand open, at the mercy of what may come with the knowledge that we are a fierce force. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard we dig our feet into the sand, we get shifted. There's an overwhelming beauty in the fact that we never know what comes next but we have the ability to dig into our instincts, our strengths, and our truth.

Sometimes we have to stand with instead of against. I picture the blurry blue and the waves to come, how each one is a rise, a pulse, a heartbeat. I trust that each one gives me as much life in return.

This morning I am reminded that maybe my life is just waiting for me to let go, to let it be. To enjoy each bit and trust that I am always where I need to be. The waves are just part of the journey.

Some photos from my trip in Coronado Island:

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend xoxo

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