Tuesday, September 29, 2015

humble as we grow, brave as we wander, honest as we search

This weekend I traveled to Bayonne, France, San Sebastian, Spain, and Saint-Jean-De-Luz, France.

I sat on a bus early Saturday morning with the intention of catching up on sleep before the very full weekend. Traveling abroad has taught me that some of my most deep, purposeful thinking takes place on a bus. Or a train, or a plane, or walking aimlessly through a new city. I think it's simply the act of going somewhere new and surrendering to an unknown place that gets me thinking about what I ultimately want for myself.

I stared out the square bus window and watched the cities and rolling fields pass by. Sometimes when I am traveling I will I see a pair of shutters, light blue and sun-bleached yellow, and I imagine them on a home I will own one day. I see laundry hanging out the window, and I picture myself in a home with crisp linens displayed on a clothesline. I think about a life where I bike to work, live minimally, and write often.

Staring out the bus window, I thought about the changes I am making to my habits and routine to best reflect the life I want to live. It sounds silly, but I started thinking about how the sun is the same wherever you go. How trees are trees and flowers are flowers. And we are who we are, wherever we go. It's the intentions we set behind the places we travel that change us, not the places themselves.

A new home doesn't change or alter our past. A new city will still remind us of our upbringing and rusty roots. Being anonymous in a foreign town doesn't mean we forget who we are.

Instead, I like to believe that traveling restores who we are while reminding us that we are just fragile human beings with so much left to learn and see. That there is work to be done to become who we wish to become. Traveling outside our homes allows us to venture outside our everyday thinking, beliefs, and mindsets.

It reminds us to be humble as we grow, brave as we wander, and honest as we search.

Here are some photos from this weekend.

aquarium in San Sebastian

is this fish not totally smiling with me or what?!


 Wishing you all a beautiful week! xo, Katie


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  1. Love the 5th picture down, the writing and flora, and you. Great!


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