Sunday, October 11, 2015

What's this love? by Melanie Pabst

A few weeks ago, I found the words, "what's this love?" written on a sidewalk here in Pau, France.

I saw it and immediately thought of the love I've received in my life. Through travels and books and music and people. The love in my life has been unquantifiable and cherished. It has been the one constant, leaked into even the darkest of times and my driving force. I wrote a lengthy post talking about this love here.

I then asked my readers to think about the question and with their permission I said I would share their thoughts on my blog.

Here's one of the first ones I received from the talented Melanie Pabst.

Melanie is a reader turned amazing friend. She's honest and has so much spirit and love for life. Her poem below is beautiful, touching, and oh so full of hope. Hope you enjoy it and pay her blog a visit at

What's This Love? by Melanie Pabst

This love is you.
And me.
It's us.
Lost in the night sky, freckled with stars.
Lost in the city filled with colossal framework.
Lost in the here
And in the now.
Immersed in all that we are
And have yet to become.
Consumed by all that has yet to come about.
What beauty.
What beauty it is to know that there is so much more.
So much more for you.
For me.
For us.
For you have not yet met who you are destined to become,
Or done all you are meant to do.
Or touched all you are intended to touch.
Something so raw is within your grasp.
And that in itself,
Is love.


You can still share what this love is to you, send your thoughts over to It can be a poem, a photo, short narrative, collection of quotes, anything. I love to hear from you. xo.

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  1. I loved her poem!!!! Melanie is soooo talented!!!! You are an amazing writer!


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