Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lizzie turns 21

Every year I share a birthday post for my sister. The past two can be found here and here.

Every year I get sentimental thinking of all that we have been through and all that we have yet to experience. I have someone who remembers it all with me. I have someone who reminds me how far we have come.

Lizzie and I are Irish twins, born within the same year and only 11 months apart.

I can't put into justice how much my sister means to me. She's what I know, my whole life being a photo album of my hand always being held, my neck always being hugged, my laughs always being shared with her.

I could never do justice to this sweet sister of mine. But I'm going to try with a list. Here's 21 reasons I adore you, L. Some are rituals, some are memories, all leave me feeling incredibly grateful to know you and have you as my forever friend.

21 things I love about you:

1. Your heart. Despite your need to control you always learn to let go for people you love.
2. Your love for coffee shops, Laguna Beach, and Thai food.
3. The song you sing for your birthday. 1 more day, 1 more day, to my birthday, to my birthday
4. Your inappropriate jokes/dance moves that actually frighten me. (Her go-to dance song is FM$ by New Boyz).
5. Our texting conversations during the Bachelor & Bachelorette.
6. Your minimalism. (Although it annoys me that you only have four shirts and always have to borrow mine.)
7. You're so naturally beautiful. You have no clue and it kills me.
8. Your twiggy little legs that I've envied since I was seven. Your stunning ginger locks that I've tried to recreate. Doesn't work. You're the only one that can pull of that beautiful auburn mane.
9. Your ability to nap at any time of the day, all day.
10. Dancing with me in kitchen with no music other than our own voices.
11. Watering our succulents and successfully killing them all. Turning off my light when I'm too tired to get out of bed.
12. Sharing our day with each other at night when I sit on the end of your bed and we talk in circles.
13. Your dedication. I can't commend you enough for how hard and long you fight for what you want.
14. Your strength. My goodness, Liz. You've been through it all and each time you tell me, "I'm so lucky."
15. Your quiet wisdom. You are the most humble Rumi-reading, nature-loving, vegan I know. 
16. Sharing our apartment. Sharing silence. Knowing neither of us expects the other to be it all at any point in time, but only to be present in the time we share.
17. Your late night Del Taco fries runs.
18. Your breakfast at midnight specials. (How are you the skinny one?)
19. For tucking me in at night when I've had a rough day.
20. How simply you live and love. The people that take up space in your heart are truly the lucky ones.
21. For being my best friend. Each year I am reminded that you are very much your own person and that I am just the blessed one picked to be part of this beautiful sisterhood. Thank you for being my constant.

I say it every year but time seems to make it more and more true: you are the greatest love I could ever know.

Happy Birthday, my sister. Now let's go pretend you've never had alcohol illegally and celebrate today.

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