Sunday, September 11, 2016

What is hey sister?

What is hey sister?

Hey all! Now that we have the ball rolling on hey sister, Ashley and I thought we would give you a low down on what exactly it is, what we plan to do as Feminist Apparel brand ambassadors, what we have coming up, and how you can join the movement. Have I shared that we are so excited and grateful? There are big things ahead and we so appreciate all of your love, curiosity, and willingness to learn and do more.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my last few blog posts, here and here, hey sister was born from the mutual idea that every woman of the world is our sister and if they are unable or scared to use their voice, we will use ours. I realize there are men reading this that are moving their cursor to the exit button. So let me say this first, hey sister is a world-inclusive recognition that all human beings are equal and deserving of respect and a life full of fair and sustainable opportunities. This isn’t about one gender over-powering the other. This isn’t about bashing who and what you are. This is about our society coming to terms that there is room for everyone to thrive. To be paid fairly, to be treated respectfully, to be compassionate and open-minded and to be feel supported and safe.

Ashley and I sat down together about two months ago and like we normally do, we got into a deep discussion about cultural norms, creating a conscious society, and helping people everywhere. We were brainstorming about what we could possibly do to help and pitch our idea to Feminist Apparel, when we found ourselves overwhelmed with at the issues human beings face in the world. Everything from unfit labor conditions to sex trafficking, to women being denied education and rights to their own bodies.

It’s overwhelming. Any one of us can open our phones or computers and see endless outlets of news sources telling us the latest tragedy, companies asking for money or support, and people hoping for a better future and a place of redemption. For anyone reading this who has thought, “There is just so much and I really don’t know what I could do about it” or “I just don’t understand the problem” or “It’s been happening for decades so I don’t know how we can make a big change”, these thoughts are not singular to you. We have all thought this. It’s natural to turn away from discomfort because why would we want to run into it? Sure, you’ve probably been upset over something on the news, but then you return to your life and the one behind the screen is left forgotten and unacknowledged.

But those people aren’t gone. And they aren’t going anywhere. Generation after generation, there are people that echo every tragic news story you’ve read in their daily lives. They are scared, alone, lost, hurting, and we are absolutely crazy to think that they are segregated from us and not our responsibility. We inhabit one world. Why not create a conscious society that places our dollars, our intentions, and our resources towards a greater world that acknowledges all?

hey sister is going to provide you with the tools on how we can start moving towards that world. Each week we are going to share a post from a company that inspires us. They will share their mission, how and why they got started, and why it’s important. Ashley and I will also share posts about creating an ethical closet, the difference between fast fashion and fair trade, what sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse is and how it affects our society long-term, what consent is, what being discriminated and underestimated feels like through the narratives of women, and more like how to love and live your best, most deliberate, beautiful, crazy life. Because we are all so deserving of it.

At the end of the semester, we will have a community gathering here in Las Vegas with cool vendors, volunteer sign-ups, guest speakers, and more. We will also write letters addressed as hey sister, and send them overseas to girls and women who need some words of encouragement and a reminder they are never, ever alone.

We hope you walk away each week with a new sense of understanding. Some new tidbits of knowledge. We hope that instead of talking to your friends about how much you hate your professor or the weather, you’ll bring up topics that inspire debate and forward movement. We want the difficult assets of feminisms to be accessible.

There is nothing we believe in more than the influence and potential of our generation. With that power, we want to encourage humility. We do not choose the life we are born into, but we do get a say in what we do with ours. Being silent, compliant, and dismissive about the problems we know are wrong cannot possibly lead to our best life.

Let’s do the work.

All our love,

Katie + Ashley

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