Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days of Thankful: Hannah Blum

Part of the magic of the #heysistercampaign is the women we meet. It's humbling and completely motivating each time we learn another woman's story. Ashley and I are huge advocates of reaching out, getting help, and letting everyone know we may be fragile beings but we are never alone. Hannah is a beautiful person who was willing to share her narrative and is our first feature. Read, enjoy, and share. xo. 

My name is Hannah Blum. I am a 27-year-old vlogger, and blogger advocating for mental health. When I was 19 years old I had a mental breakdown which placed me in a mental hospital for a small amount of time. I received a diagnosis of bipolar II and feared my future living with this condition. It has been quite a journey ever since. I spent so many years letting my disorder and the stigma that surrounds mental health conditions strip me of my confidence. Then one day I realized that this is the mind I have been given, and I have to learn to love it while I have to live with it. Today, I am thankful for my struggle, because it allowed me to find the strength I needed to build myself back up. I am thankful for the people along this road who have empowered me and sacrificed their story so that I can share mine. I appreciate those who have doubted me because they are my biggest motivation to seek change. My life will always be a rollercoaster ride, but I control the speed of it today. I have learned to enjoy the ride instead of fighting against it. Most of all I am grateful for the opportunity to reach out to others and give a little bit of hope to those in need. Everyone has a story and it deserves to be shared. We are fortunate to have unique platforms that allow us to open up the conversation about mental health and other issues in society that should be, and need to be discussed. We can give a voice to those who have been silenced by stigma, and I am thankful for those who speak up for others. Every day is different, some harder than others, but if you can find a little bit of color in each day, even when the sky is gray, you will succeed.

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