Monday, November 14, 2016

30 Days of Thankful: Nissa Chan

Hi all. Ashley and I have had a bit of a break from posting. I know there are heavy hearts between the two of us and all around the world. I hope whoever is reading this knows you are loved, seen, and acknowledged as a powerful, necessary force.  This past year has been so eye-opening as I make friends with people of all different backgrounds, orientations, races, and statuses. I don't know how we heal and learn to respect and appreciate people if we don't take time to listen. Listen hard and long to their stories, their cries,  and their fears.

I am so, so grateful that Nissa is sharing her story as apart of #heysistercampaign 30 Days of Thankful. It seemed like an appropriate thing to share right now. I hope you enjoy and learn from her vulnerability and honestly. Here is her autobiographical short:

Love to all of you xoxo

To contact Nissa:
ACD Media Studios
(336) 365-8560
 You can find her online at:
Instagram:  ACDMediaStudios & SolidariteKitchen

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