Life is... this.

It's about loving and giving. Learning and sharing. Looking and finding. Believing in the beauty of not only the future, but today. Life is about unity. And that's exactly what this site is for. 

My name is Katie Visconti and since I was little I've been inspired by not only how people live, but what they live for. A few years ago I was skimming through a deck of road trip cards and I saw the question, "if you had sixty seconds to share what you knew about life with everyone in the world, what would you say?" Maybe it intrigued me because I'm still in search of my answer, or maybe it was the fact that while I try to brainstorm what I think life is, I know there are billions of people in the world with their own answer. This site is for sharing what life is. What life tells me in tiny whispers or loud roars, I will share it all. And along the way, I will interview people and ask what life is to them.
 The views may be entirely different or uniquely similar. I think that's the beauty of it all, that despite how different we can all be, everything relates back to what life is. 

Welcome and stay a while. 

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